Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Birthdays

In my family there are 3 March birthdays. I had the bright idea to marry into a family with 3 more March birthdays... and this doesn't count my or my husband's extended family which would add another 4 or 5. So the third month of each year is known as March Madness. Gwendolyn was born in September much to the delight of my calendar which could bear no more ink on the March page. But her half-birthday is in March... so she can continue to be part of the family.

I can't believe my sweet little baby is half way through her first year. The time has past so quickly. She is doing amazingly well adjusting to the world. She is happy about everything, always laughing and smiling. Gwen is a delightful baby and has reached so many milestones already! I am so looking forward to the second half of her first year. The major milestones yet to come: teething, which she has just started--or so says the bump on her gum, crawling, walking, eating solids, and talking--the one I am most excited about. Here is documentation of her first half-birthday:

Happy Half-Birthday!

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